What to think about when saving for near-term goals amid choppy markets, rising interest rates

If you’re saving for a goal three to five years away, rising interest rates and liquidity should be top of mind. Here’s how to decide where to put that cash.

Trump pays $110,000 fine but must do more to lift contempt order, New York AG’s office says

A $10,000 per day fine against Trump could be reinstated if he does not meet the conditions required to lift a contempt-of-court finding.

Crypto as currency: managing your financial life using digital coins

It’s possible to live off of a salary paid in cryptocurrency but advisors caution clients virtual coins don’t offer the same protections as cash or stocks.

Hampton Roads Market Summary: April 2022

Another month has passed, and another record has been set in the Hampton Roads real estate market. During April, the median sales price (MSP) of all homes sold in the region reached $319,900. The previous high was $300,000, which occurred both last month and in July 2021. Year-over-year, the MSP was up 12.25% from $285,000 …

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A Room in Midtown Is Quietly Fighting the Battle Against City Noise

A new room in Manhattan, billed as ‘one of the quietest in the world,’ is designed to help developers and architects defend your ears.