Moving In

The Home is Yours… Now What?

Once you’ve completed closing, it may seem like your work is just beginning! Even once your move is complete and the movers have placed the last box in your new home, the real work begins: the unpacking, the decorating, the changes and repairs you want to make to the home.

Every home has its quirks, and you are sure to discover them once you’ve moved in. You may find that you need to hire people – painter, electrician, contractor and handyman, etc. – to do work on your home that you don’t have the time or skills to do yourself. I suggest you seek referrals from family and friends for any type of service provider to make sure you are getting someone you can really trust with your new investment, your home. I can also provide a list of recommended service providers who have come highly recommended to me by past clients and friends who have used their services.

We most likely negotiated a home warranty into your purchase contract (or in the rare cases that the seller will not agree to provide one, like a foreclosure or a short sale, you may have bought one yourself): read the terms of your home warranty carefully soon after closing, and if any of them are confusing, call the company to get a more complete explanation. Once you find you need to put your home warranty to work, you want to be sure you know exactly what to do. In almost every case, you must call the home warranty company first, before you call a repairman. For example, if your air conditioning stops working, call your home warranty company and schedule an appointment. If you call an A/C repairperson, the repairs will not be covered by the warranty and you will not get reimbursed for the money you’ve spent.

My service to you continues after closing!

I am happy to answer questions, provide recommendations for everything from service providers to where to dine out, and to just generally be a local resource for you.

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