Seller Consultation

By the end of the Selling Consultation, we will have a plan in place to get your home on the market and then SOLD!

The Selling Consultation is my opportunity to visit your house, view and assess its condition and features, compare it to homes that have recently sold, and discuss with you the price at which you would like to list your home, as well as other important details of the sales and marketing process.

After I receive your Seller Information Survey and gather other documents from the MLS, tax records, and other public sources, we will meet at your house to discuss the current market in your neighborhood and your area. It’s also my opportunity to tour your home and to note its features. Keep in mind, even if I’ve been there before (for example, when you purchased it), I will be looking at it from a new perspective: now I will be viewing it with buyers in mind.

At the Selling Consultation, in addition to discussing the market and explaining my marketing plan for your home, we may also make a list of improvements and repairs you may need to make to your home before we list it – simple, easy fixes like freshening your paint, cleaning up landscaping, and decluttering can make a huge difference to buyers, especially in markets where there is a lot of competition with high inventory rates.

We’ll also discuss and set a preliminary timeline – a calendar of dates leading up to your listing date by which you should have your improvements and repairs completed and setting a date for my photographer to visit and photograph the property and, finally, the date on which your home will hit the MLS. By the end of the Listing Consultation, we will have a plan in place to get your home on the market and then SOLD!

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